Research Activities

PhD in Computer Science (defended on November 14th 2007)

Supervisors: Franck Barbier (PR) and Jean-Michel Bruel (MC).

Thesis: Administration of Software Components Embedded in Wireless Systems.

Abstract: Software components embedded in wireless devices are subject to behavior which cannot be fully and realistically predicted. This calls for a runtime management infrastructure that is able to observe and control the components’ states and to make their behaviors explicit, tangible and understandable, in any case and at any time.
In this thesis, we propose a framework for remotely administrating the functional behavior of software components deployed on wireless nodes. This framework is based on components which are locally managed by internal managers on the wireless side. The controllable nature of components relies on executable UML models that persist at runtime. On the administration side, models are replicated and synchronized with the models that constitute the inner workings of the wireless components.
This work has been validated and evaluated through the implementation of the Wireless Management eXtensions (available at, which enhances the spectrum width of the PauWare solution (available at

Previous Work

MSc in Computer Science with distinction (defended in June 2003)
(DEA Programmation et Système, Mention AB, INP Toulouse)

Supervisors: Franck Barbier (PR) and Jean-Michel Bruel (MC).

Thesis: Software Component Testability and Built-In Test.

Abstract: The first part of this work proposes a composition environment which constrains the assembly of software components. This environment is based on a formal definition of the whole-part relationship and its modeling with UML. The second part yields the tools that extend and automate our Java implementation of the BIT technology for components.
These tools are integrated into the IST-1999-20162 Component+ European Project and they are available for download from LIUPPA’s web site at

BSc in Computer Science with distinction (defended in June 2002)
(Licence/Maîtrise, Mention B/AB, UPPA)

Supervisors: Jean-Michel Bruel (MC) and Nicolas Belloir (PhD Stu. at that time)

Study and Research Course’s Subject: Generating Java Graphical Interfaces for Testable Components.

Abstract: In this work the Java Management eXtensions (JMX) has been studied in order to define how JMX can be integrated into the BIT/J library which implements the BIT technology for components. This study allowed us to design a graphical and distributed tester into the BIT/J architecture.

Tableau récapitulatif

Période Contexte de recherche Sujet
D’octobre 2007 à août 2008 Post-Doctorat A Self-Healing Approach to Designing cOmplex softWare Systems (SHADOWS project)
D’octobre 2003 à novembre 2007 Doctorat Administration et supervision de composants logiciels sur systèmes sans fil
De janvier à juin 2003 Stage de DEA Composabilité des composants logiciels et test intégré
De janvier à juin 2002 TER (stage de maîtrise) Génération d’interfaces graphiques java pour composants testables