WMX - Wireless Management eXtensions

Wireless Management eXtensions (WMX) technology aims at bringing the Java Management eXtensions (JMX) to the mobile area by enabling the management of Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME) applications. WMX provides the tools for building wireless solutions for accurately managing and monitoring component-based applications deployed on mobile devices. WMX components integrate internal managers, which control the internal logic of the components. Following a model-driven approach, these behaviors, which are specified with UML state machine diagrams, are made directly executable and then can be retrieved at runtime in order to provide very precise management information. Adaptors are provided to connect WMX components with a remote JMX management system through wireless communications.

This page provides an early access to WMX prototypes. Different case studies based on WMX are implemented but the web site is a work in progress. Please come back often as the best improvements are still to come.

You can also have a look at PauWare.com and PauWare software for more!

WMX belongs to the JMX community and is referenced in the JMXperience.

wmx at work

On the wireless side

  • Each software component is controlled at runtime by an internal manager which drives the specified component’s behavior
  • Java ME implementation

On the management system side

  • External managers remotely monitor and control the components through wireless communication (wifi, bluetooth, wma, …)
  • Management operations are based on an abstract view of the components’ behavior, which is provided by the internal managers
  • Java SE implementation with JMX

Model Driven Engineering philosophy

  • Components’ behavior is designed with UML State Machine
  • Direct execution and control of component’s behavior by their internal managers which embed a PauWare Model Execution Engine
  • The same models designed at development time are retrieved at runtime for management purpose

PauWare Model Execution Engine:

PauWare Model Execution Engine

Statecharts for autonomic management policies

  • Both internal and external managers use PauWare State Machines (SM) to reify the components’ behavior and their evolution is synchronized asynchronously
  • Internal managers’ SM evolve according to concrete phenomena of components’ behavior, i.e. variable value changes and received events
  • External managers’ SM evolve according to an abstract view of the components’ behavior which is provided by the internal managers (fired transitions)
  • New transitions are added to external managers’ SM in order to specify and organize management ECA (Event – Condition – Action) rules which are enforced on the components by their internal managers

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Case studies

Screenshots and statecharts models from some of our case studies.

Traffic Light

Home Automation System

PauWare Component